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Students Practice The Unique Bikram Yoga

Hot Yoga: A Fad or the Future?

By now, you’ve probably heard about hot yoga.  New studios seem to be popping up everywhere offering hot yoga, or a form of hot yoga called Bikram yoga. Bikram yoga was first created by yogi Bikram Choudhury, and has enjoyed increasing popularity over the last decade. In this practice, a studio increases the temperature of the room to between 95-105 degrees.  The philosophy behind hot yoga is … [Keep Reading...]

Yoga Tips

5 Tips for Practicing Yoga at Home

Sometimes our busy life schedules just don’t allow us to take the yoga class we want.  Managing to balance our professional and personal lives may leave little time for that 90 minute class at the local yoga studio.  But that’s okay!  Once you’ve taken a few classes and received instruction regarding the proper position for poses, your muscles begin to remember the correct postures on their … [Keep Reading...]


How a Quick Anatomy Lesson Will Deepen Your Yoga Practice

Like any activity, yoga comes with its own jargon—and sometimes, this jargon relates to the body.  If you’ve ever taken a yoga class and left wondering which part of your body your instructor was actually referring to, you’re not alone!  For those new to yoga, a quick anatomy review may help you to connect more deeply with your yoga practice.  Let’s take a look at some of the key body parts you … [Keep Reading...]

Yoga Vocabulary

10 Yoga Words You Need to Know

Committing to any new activity can be intimidating, and yoga is no exception.  In fact, your first few yoga classes may be downright overwhelming as your yoga teacher may use words that seem completely foreign to you…and that’s because they are!  Many yoga teachers may use the traditional words to refer to poses, gestures, and breathing techniques throughout your session.  Fear not!  These words … [Keep Reading...]

The Importance of Breathing

The Importance of Breath

Breathing is a key component to your yoga practice.  Not only does focused, conscious breathing allow you to deliver more oxygen to your body, but it also allows you to hold difficult poses longer.  In addition to these main benefits, controlled and deep breathing encourages your body to relax both physically and mentally, further enriching your practice. Think of these three breath-related … [Keep Reading...]

yoga for beginners

Honor Thyself: Why It May Take Awhile to Master that Pose

No one likes to be the newbie in the room; however, pushing your body beyond its limits may result in injuries that could delay your mastery of yoga poses.  One of yoga’s core principles is respect of the body.  Don’t worry if your warrior pose isn’t as deep as the person’s in front of you; nor should you worry if your uplifted root needs to touch the ground for balance during tree pose.  … [Keep Reading...]

What is an Asana?

What is an Asana?

If you are at all familiar with yoga, you've at least heard the word asana used. But what exactly does it mean? The Merriam Webster definition doesn't offer much information: Asana (/ˈäsənə/) - any of various yoga postures. Now let's look at the word's origin to see if we can get more clues. Asana is Sanskrit for "manner of sitting" or "a sitting posture." Originally, asanas were used as a … [Keep Reading...]

how to start yoga

The Easiest Way To Start Practicing Yoga is…

Throughout my journey with yoga I've met so many people who say something like,"Oh you practice yoga? I'd love to start but...(insert a multitude of reasons)." Such as: I'm too tired all the time I don't have time I'm too busy I'm not flexible enough I don't have a place to do it I can't afford classes. Ect. What do I say to these folks? Don't think about it, just start doing … [Keep Reading...]

calm your fears

Controlling Fear in Your Practice

Yoga is learning the delicate balance between control and surrender.  In order to hold and flow from pose to pose without falling, we must exert a level of concentrated control. Yet in order to truly let our body move, release and breathe, we must allow ourselves to surrender. This balancing act of control and surrender is something that can make yoga difficult, especially for the … [Keep Reading...]

yoga and meditation

Turn Your Yoga Practice into a Concentrated, Moving Meditation

Concentration is the sixth limb of Pantajali’s eight limbs of yoga. Pantanjali’s sutra’s define concentration as, III.1 “When the attention of the mind-stuff is directed in a single stream to a chosen field without being dissipated and thus distracted – that is concentration.” Let’s break that down a bit further, “When the attention of the mind-stuff…” What is the mind-stuff? I like … [Keep Reading...]

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